Connie takes it upon herself to get involved in Grace’s love life and confronts Leon.

Jan is horrified to find her son is in danger, but struggles to accept what she can do to save him.

Meanwhile, Faith and Lev do everything in their power to keep their marriage together.


  • Amanda Henderson as Robyn Miller
  • Amanda Mealing as Connie Beauchamp
  • Bobby Lockwood as Leon Cook
  • Charles Venn as Jacob Masters
  • Chris Gordon as Ross West
  • Derek Thompson as Charlie Fairhead
  • Di Botcher as Jan Jenning
  • Emily Carey as Grace Beauchamp
  • Gabriella Leon as Jade Lovall
  • George Rainsford as Ethan Hardy
  • Jason Durr as David Hide
  • Kirsty Mitchell as Faith Cadogan
  • Mali O’Donnell as Olivia Wyatt
  • Rosie Jones as Paula Kettering
  • Shaheen Jafargholi as Marty Kirkby
  • Stirling Gallacher as Ffion Morgan
  • Uriel Emil as Lev Malinovsky
  • William Beck as Dylan Keogh
  • Yinka Awoni as Wallace Jamerson

Casualty airs this episode on Saturday 27th February at 20:20 on BBC One.

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