The fourth series opens with the discovery of a dismembered body in a scrap metal yard, which the team believe has been stored in a domestic freezer for thirty years. A unique Millwall Football Club tattoo leads to the victim being identified as Matthew Walsh, a young man in his mid-twenties who went missing in March 1990.

Episode Two

Cassie and Sunny continue to investigate Fogerty’s driving offence.

Without the rest of the victim’s body, the team are unable to establish cause of death and are under pressure to progress the investigation. Without hard evidence, Andrews is reluctant to believe that the police probationers were involved.

Boulting has tracked down Walsh’s next of kin, his estranged son Jerome. Cassie pays him a visit, but he reveals he has never met his father and the only contact he has is his Uncle Clive. Meanwhile Collier has drawn a blank with the search for the rest of Walsh’s body but Sunny has had a breakthrough and identified the names of the four passengers in the car.

Dean Barton makes a mysterious trip to France and Liz Baildon is up for a promotion to the top job in the East Anglian police force. Ram is experiencing problems at work as he faces an allegation of inappropriate behaviour while Liz finalises the purchase of her new therapy clinic.

Jerome’s DNA confirms that Matthew Walsh is definitely the victim and Cassie instructs it to be put out on the evening news.

(Picture: ITV)


  • Alastair Mackenzie as John Bentley
  • Amanda Douge as Janet
  • Andy Nyman as Dean Barton
  • Cameron Jack as Spt Paul Copley
  • Carolina Main as DC Fran Lingley
  • Charles Dale as Chief Constable Robin
  • Clare Calbraith as Anna
  • Daniel Flynn as Geoff Tomlinson
  • Jacob Lang as Casper Barton
  • James Craze as Jerome Walsh
  • Janet Dibley as Jenny
  • Jassa Ahluwalia as Adam Stuart
  • John Ashton as Alan Hamilton
  • Jordan Long as DS Murray Boulting
  • Lewis Reeves as DC Jake Collier
  • Liz White as Fiona Grayson
  • Lucrezia Millarini as News Reader
  • Lucy Speed as Marnie Barton
  • Matt Jessup as Paramedic Brendan
  • Mina Andala as Eugenia
  • Nicola Walker as DCI Cassie Stuart
  • Peter Egan as Martin Hughes
  • Peter Hannah as Uniformed Officer
  • Phaldut Sharma as Ram Sidhu
  • Richard Brimblecombe as PCC Duncan
  • Ronny Jhutti as Bal Sidhu
  • Sanjeev Bhaskar as DI Sunny Khan
  • Sheila Hancock as Eileen
  • Susan Lynch as Liz Baildon
  • Vicky Myers as Laura


  • Writer – Chris Lang
  • Director – Andy Wilson
  • Producer – Guy De Glanville
(Picture: ITV)

Unforgotten continues Monday 1st March at 9pm on ITV.