Tuesday 2 March 2021 (E4) 7:00pm – 7:30pm

Sid races against time to get to the police, but Victor refuses to let Sid get the better of him, with devastating results.

  • Writer – Colin O’Donnell
  • Director – Suzanne Readwin

Luke thinks Ollie is just trying to score more drugs after seeing him with Sid yesterday and refuses to let him out of the house. Meanwhile, Sid has downloaded the rest of his video evidence onto a USB stick to give to the police but is terrified when Victor smashes the Lomax’s front door in.

However, Peri comes home and frightens Victor off before he can get his hands on the teen. Sid needs to get the evidence to the police so Ste acts as a decoy, allowing Sid to escape undetected. But when Sid’s held up by Luke in The Dog carpark, Victor closes in on him…

Elsewhere, locked in the Cunningham’s house, Ollie takes his addiction to a dangerous new level. Luke and Darren find him, but rather than helping his son, Luke can’t take anymore and throws Ollie out.

Maxine hires the school hall as Trish’s new dance studio, but when Trish still isn’t happy, Maxine can’t contain her anger anymore.

Sally can’t get through to John Paul about what George is really like and takes matters into her own hands.