Tonight in Shieldinch… Amber sees the dangerous consequences of her actions: Angus tries to make good after a bad date night with Rebecca; and Caitlin offers her support to an isolated Eve.

Tyler dumps a dazed and confused Alex in the street, telling Rory this is a warning to Amber. While Lenny fusses over his son, Amber tries to downplay events but Alex tell her in no uncertain terms Tyler now has the whole Murdoch family in his sights. Lenny’s furious at Amber’s reckless behaviour and concerned about her increasingly unhinged actions.

Lenny presses Amber into revealing why she’s playing with fire, deliberately starting a feud with Tyler Foulkes, but is stunned when she reveals her true intentions.

As events take a sinister turn, Rory realises he wants out of the gangster life and considers an offer for a new start with Paul. Meanwhile, Tyler makes it clear the feud is going to cost the Murdochs.

(Picture: BBC)

Elsewhere, Angus remains annoyed with Bob for ruining his date with Rebecca. Angus tricks Rebecca into meeting him for a coffee and, as the couple talk openly about their feelings, their next date proves more successful. That is until Rebecca leaves suddenly, and Angus is more confused than ever.

Worried about Cameron, Eve feels increasingly isolated and alone. Searching out company, Eve is buoyed by Caitlin’s surprising concern who talks through her troubles with parenting. Caitlin assures Eve she’s not a bad mother – Cameron is responsible for his own actions.

  • Writer – Chris Grady
  • Director – David Hayman
  • Producer – Kevin McComiskie


  • Cameron Fulton as Tyler Foulkes
  • David Paisley as Rory Murdoch
  • Frank Gallagher as Lenny Murdoch
  • Gayle Telfer Stevens as Caitlin McLean
  • James Allenby-Kirk as Paul Ames
  • Jamie Marie Leary as Rebecca Samuel
  • Jenny Hulse as Amber Murdoch
  • Jordan Young as Alex Murdoch
  • Scott Fletcher as Angus Lindsay
  • Stephen Purdon as Bob O’Hara
  • Victoria Liddelle as Eve Christie

River City airs at 10pm on BBC Scotland