This week in Shieldinch… Alex becomes the target for the Foulkes’ family revenge. With Cameron out on bail Poppy makes a decision about her future, and Eve is guilt-ridden about her son’s stalking shame.

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Lenny regains control over the Murdoch business empire, determined to make things right with the Foulkes family before it’s too late. Determined to protect Jessie. Alex comes to the conclusion it’s time to leave Shieldinch for good – but only once peace is restored again.

However, when Lenny’s mission to pacify Tyler misses the deadline, Alex becomes a target – the Foulkes aren’t a family you disrespect without consequence.

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Elsewhere, Poppy lives in fear knowing Cameron is out on bail. Stevie offers Poppy reassurance, sharing his experiences of living with violence in the past. When he reveals he had to go away to clear his head, it gives Poppy food for thought.

Unsure whether she has the strength to stay and face her stalker again, Poppy decides to leave Shieldinch, devastating Stevie. Seeing her son so unhappy, Scarlett urges Stevie to follow his heart. But his grand gesture falls short and he’s left heartbroken.

Dylan arrives home full of unanswered questions for Eve about much she knew about Cameron’s stalking shame. Dylan makes it clear he’s angry at Eve for duping him.

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Eve confides in Jac about her guilt and the part she played in making Cameron the dangerous man he’s become – he targeted women that reminded him of her.

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