Tonight in Shieldinch… Alex intervenes to stop Amber triggering a war with the Foulkes family; Poppy rages at the injustice of her stalking hell; and Stevie feels downtrodden with life.

Alex is at his wits end when he discovers Amber double-crossed Tyler Foulkes over a drugs deal. Danger comes calling as the Foulkes’ family unleash their revenge: sending threatening notes, trashing The Two Jailbirds and unnerving Jessie. While Amber remains calm in the eye of the storm, Alex nears breaking point.

Lenny fumes when he finds out the damage Amber has done. She smarts at his interference and Alex is angry when Lenny makes a startling revelation.

Elsewhere, Poppy struggles to cope in the aftermath of her stalking ordeal. Jac tries to make peace for not believing her but Poppy rejects the olive branch.

Later, Poppy is cold and dismissive when Stevie attempts to rebuild their relationship, unable to forgive him for not supporting her more. As far as Poppy’s concerned, it’s over.

(Picture: BBC)

She finds an unlikely shoulder to cry on in Scarlett, who opens up about the domestic abuse she suffered in the past and how she moved on. Scarlett makes Poppy realise she’s a survivor, not a victim. Just as she gathers strength to move on, Poppy is blindsided by some devastating news from Jac.

Stevie’s optimistic outlook on life is crushed when his business is trashed and Poppy rejects him. Sonny tries to give him some perspective but Stevie feels utterly despondent about where his life is going.

River City airs at 10pm on BBC Scotland