Tonight in Shieldinch…Poppy’s life hangs in the balance when she’s trapped with her stalker, Cameron; Eve faces a race against time to save her friend; and while Caitlin’s stunned to discover Ruby knows the murderous truth, a reckless Amber dices with danger.

Poppy tries to get Cameron to make a confession but to no avail. With the upper hand, Cameron finally lets his mask slip and tells Poppy he knows what she’s up to, taking her prisoner in the hub.

Cameron toys with Poppy, relishing her obvious terror. Finally, Cameron reveals why he made Poppy his stalking target, leaving her dumbfounded. Blinded by rage, Cameron turns nasty and violently lashes out at Poppy.

After watching CCTV footage on Cameron’s laptop, Eve pinpoints their whereabouts and rushes to the hub. Seeing Poppy injured and scared, Eve desperately tries to diffuse the situation, but Cameron won’t allow it. Faced with the true object of his anger, Cameron rages at Eve for being a terrible mum and Poppy is horrified when Eve appears to offer her son an escape route.

Elsewhere, Caitlin’s stunned to discover the confession tape she made for Ruby is missing. She confronts her daughter, who admits she wants the truth, and nothing but the truth, about Joe’s murder.

Alex admits to Rory he’s worried about Amber’s mental state following her latest business deal with Tyler Foulkes. Rory tries to talk to Amber but she quickly shuts down.

However, Amber rattles Alex when she hints that her latest business deal might have dangerous consequences for the Murdoch family.

(Picture: BBC)