Tonight in Shieldinch…Poppy puts herself in danger, continuing her plan to trap Cameron; Lenny reveals the truth about Cameron’s sordid past to a shocked Eve; and Angus’s night of romance with Rebecca is scuppered by Bob.

An upbeat Cameron readies himself for a date with Poppy, little realising it’s a trap. With her nerves stretched to breaking point, Poppy swithers about going ahead with it, unsure she can snare her stalker.

As Poppy anxiously awaits Cameron’s arrival, she’s taken aback when he admits he’s been watching her from afar. To make matters worse, Cameron reveals their date is at The Two Jailbirds  – knowing that it will upset Stevie seeing them together.

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Poppy tries to give Stevie an insight into what she’s up to but he fails to realise what’s going on. Cameron grows suspicious of Poppy’s behaviour and realises she’s been recording him. However, he keeps his discovery hidden – putting Poppy in further danger.

Elsewhere, Lenny delivers unwelcome news to Eve: Cameron has a history of stalking. Lenny offers to sort him out but Eve’s adamant violence is not the answer. Armed with new evidence, Eve rushes to save her friend Poppy from Cameron before it’s too late.

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Angus gets a pep talk from Kim ahead of his date with Rebecca. Out of practice on the romance front, Angus is put at ease as the night goes on with Rebecca. However, his love life stalls when best friend Bob’s drunken antics prove to be a passion killer.

River City airs at 10pm on BBC Scotland