Tonight in Shieldinch… Eve and Poppy join forces to defeat Cameron; Alex’s attempts to help Amber come to terms with her grief lead to a shocking discovery; and Sonny senses all is not well with Stevie’s mental health.

Cameron delights in bemoaning the fact that he and Eve failed to see how damaged Dylan was. Worried Cameron won’t face justice, Poppy hatches a plan to ensnare him – a secret, recorded confession. Eve hates the idea but can’t think of an alternative.

At The Tall Ship Poppy pretends she’s happy to meet Cameron and, when he’s not looking, sets up a voice recorder. Hiding her terror, Poppy tries to get Cameron to open up but is interrupted by texts from an anxious Eve.

(Picture: BBC)

Later, Eve admits to Lenny she’s scared of Cameron. Lenny offers to dig into Cameron’s past and suss out whether he’s stalked in the past. Reluctantly, Eve agrees.

Elsewhere, Alex tries to talk to Amber about her drastic change in behaviour, hiding her grief from the world. Amber dismisses his concerns but the siblings later lock horns when Alex discovers his sister’s plans to do business with Tyler Foulkes.

Stevie turns to Sonny to build his business and make some key changes at The Two Jailbirds. As the men work together, Sonny notices how quickly Stevie’s mood deteriorates and grows worried about his mental state.

(Picture: BBC)

River City airs at 10pm on BBC Scotland