River City spoilers: Monday 15 February 2021

Tonight in Shieldinch…when the police arrive, Eve quickly realises she’s been outplayed by a devious Cameron; Jessie’s birthday proves problematic for the Murdochs and Paul goes to great lengths to win back Rory’s affections.

Eve nervously awaits the arrival of the police to arrest Cameron, little realising that Cameron has framed Dylan as Poppy’s stalker.

(Picture: BBC)

Later, Cameron reveals to a stunned Dylan their mother called the police. Cameron’s behaviour further confirms Eve’s belief her son is a liar. She lays out all her suspicions to Dylan – the CCTV, the secret phone, the weird behaviour – but he won’t hear a bad word against his brother and sides with Cameron.

As family tensions build, the police arrive to arrest Dylan. Realising what Cameron has done, Eve’s blood runs cold. Sensing she’s been outplayed by her sinister son, Eve decides to reveal all to a shocked Poppy.

(Picture: BBC)

Elsewhere, it’s Jessie’s birthday and Alex has grand plans. All too aware that family celebrations might be a little insensitive, Amber bluntly puts Alex straight: just because Charlotte is dead doesn’t mean they can’t celebrate Jessie’s birthday. However, Lenny’s birthday present proves upsetting for Amber, leaving Alex concerned about his sister’s state of mind.

Fearing he’s lost the love of his life, Paul goes to great lengths to win back Rory’s affections thanks to some relationship advice from Nicole. However, his public display of affection irks Lenny, who is far from happy to see his kidnapper, Paul, back in town.

River City airs at 10pm on BBC Scotland

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