Tonight in Shieldinch…Eve’s suspicions about Cameron reach a dramatic conclusion; Ruby is stunned when Caitlin’s innocence is threatened; and while Lou offers support to a broken Amber, Jac worries her shoddy police work could have devastating consequences.

Knowing Eve has doubts about him, Cameron confronts his mother. He challenges her suspicions that he’s a stalker, and questions whether she thinks he deserved a beating from Stevie.

As Eve desperately tries to explain, Cameron does his best to gaslight her, claiming he knows that Dylan was always her favourite son. Eve is left in turmoil and turns to Lenny for support. Fearing she’s turned her son into monster, Eve and Lenny find themselves united in parental angst, leading Eve to make a drastic decision.

Elsewhere, Maggie visits Caitlin in jail offering reassurance. When Maggie suggest they tell Ruby of their suspicions about Nicole, Caitlin urges caution – Nicole is Ruby’s only friend.

Back at the Tall Ship, Ruby is stunned to discover Caitlin’s confession tapes. Later, when Caitlin is released from jail, Ruby is torn about how she feels about her mother’s innocence.

Lou approaches a drunk Amber on the street and offers her condolences. Feeling she can finally open up, Amber talks about what happened to Charlotte, breaking down in tears. Lou’s heart breaks as she watches her ex struggle with her grief.

Elsewhere, Jac confesses to Sonny that touching the incriminating blood-splattered rug means the evidence is tainted and could threaten the credibility of the case against Caitlin.

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