Tonight in Shieldinch…the discovery of the blood-splattered rug puts Caitlin back in jail; Amber angrily rejects sympathy from her family, and while Cameron targets a scapegoat to avoid jail, Levi becomes an unlikely love-guru to Bob.

As Caitlin is bundled into a police car, Maggie tries to keep calm. Poppy tells Maggie the harsh reality of the situation – Caitlin’s bail is under threat and she could face charges of perverting the course of justice.

Maggie relays the information to the family but while Ruby is overwhelmed, Ellie’s suspicions grow when she finds out Nicole helped throw out the incriminating rug. Maggie steamrolls Nicole, accusing her of having blood on her hands.

(Picture: BBC)

Elsewhere, the Murdoch’s unite in their grief for Charlotte. Lenny, Alex and Rory all agree someone needs to talk to Amber, who has hidden her daughter’s death from the family. Lenny confronts Amber, but she rejects his sympathies, blaming him for the Murdochs’ misery.

Following Cameron’s attack, Dylan wants to call the police but Cameron won’t hear of it, claiming Stevie is under enough pressure. Eve is suspicious of her son’s unwillingness to press charges and questions whether he wants to avoid any police attention on himself. Smarting from the accusation, Cameron sets about framing Dylan for stalking Poppy.

Bob reluctantly goes out for a pint with Levi. After an awkward start, they start to loosen up when Levi offers to be Bob’s love guru.

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