Tonight in Shieldinch… Stevie struggles to hold his temper when Cameron goads him about Poppy; Ruby’s clear-out reveals damning evidence against Caitlin; and Lenny is devastated when he learns the dreadful truth about Amber.

Fearing he’s losing the love of his life, Stevie’s jealously about Poppy and Cameron’s closeness grows. At the Two Jailbirds, Stevie launches a tirade at Cameron, telling him to back off from his girlfriend.

Cameron acts the innocent but delights in taunting Stevie, saying he’s been there for Poppy when she needed him most. Stevie sees red and launches an attack on a defenceless Cameron as he lies on the ground.

Later, Poppy comes across the injured Cameron and is horrified to find out who is responsible. She confronts Stevie, who pleads for forgiveness, but it’s too late – their relationship is over.

Elsewhere, Ruby excitedly prepares to give her bedroom a make-over and declutters the attic with Nicole. Little does she realise, the rug Joe’s body was wrapped in is among the tat she’s discarding. Later, Jac spots the rug and makes a gruesome discovery: there are blood stains all over it, casting doubt over Caitlin’s possible innocence.

Lenny is shocked to discover that Amber attacked Jessie. Convinced Amber’s out-of-control behaviour stems from something significant, Lenny’ is unprepared when Lou uncovers the shocking truth.

(Picture: BBC)