This week in Shieldinch… results from Joe’s second post-mortem point the finger at a new suspect; Poppy gets an unexpected present with upsetting implications; and Jessie’s effort to understand Amber backfire badly.

At The Tall Ship, Nicole notices Maggie’s struggling to cope. She confides in a sympathetic Nicole about her fears for Caitlin and reveals she’s on anti-anxiety medication. Working in the pub isn’t helping – she’s never been more tempted to drink.

Upstairs, a hopeful Caitlin talks to Ellie about the second post mortem results which have cast doubt over Caitlin’s guilt. The results show someone else delivered a second blow which killed Joe – but who? Ellie has her own theory and is quick to point the finger at Nicole.

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Elsewhere, witnessed by Cameron and Eve, Poppy’s stalker makes his presence felt once again when she receives an unwanted gift – a lock of her hair. Devastated, Poppy’s paranoia runs rampant and she starts to question those closest to her – Stevie.

While Poppy’s world continues to crumble, Eve’s doubts about Cameron continue. However, when she attempts to apologise to her son, Cameron turns the tables on her – if he is a monster, then it’s all Eve’s fault.

Tensions run high in the Murdoch household as Jessie and Amber continue to clash, with Alex caught in the middle. A hungover Amber tells Alex to get Jessie in line or face the consequences. However, when Jessie attempts to talk to Amber it stirs up further resentment and ends violently.

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