This week in Shieldinch… Stevie’s stressed when Amber makes it clear she’s unimpressed with his business skills; Cameron does his best to deflect Eve’s growing suspicions; and Kim’s new love interest tries to befriend Bob.

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At the Two Jailbirds, Stevie finds Amber giving the business the once over. Much to Stevie’s dismay, Amber makes it clear she’s unimpressed by the way he’s handled the business in her absence. Stevie’s anxiety grows when Amber tells him he’ll need to make quick improvements if he wants to keep his share of the business. Worse still, when Amber makes a throwaway comment about how close Poppy is getting to Cameron, Stevie reaches breaking point.

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Elsewhere, Eve struggles to deal with an evasive and distant Cameron. Still suspicious Cameron is Poppy’s stalker, Eve tries to get her son to confess but he remains resolute he’s not involved. Later, over a coffee with Poppy, Eve considers revealing her suspicions about Cameron. However, their chat is interrupted by another call from Poppy’s stalker, leaving them both shaken.

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Keen to ease the rising tensions at home, Levi is on a mission to make Bob his new best friend – but girlfriend Kim isn’t sure it’s a good idea.
At the garage, Bob and Angus gossip about Kim’s new love interest, unaware Levi has overheard everything. Levi tries to make conversation but Bob’s not interested in his small talk. Determined to win him round, Levi winds Bob up, and in doing so he lets down his guard.

Also this week, Caitlin makes a big decision about the future of The Tall Ship.

River City airs at 10pm on BBC Scotland

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