This week in Shieldinch… faced with the terrible truth about Joe, Ruby reaches out to Caitlin; Amber takes drastic action to gain respect from the Murdoch men in her life; and jealousy rears its head when Jac meets Lou’s old flame.

In a quiet space, Ruby reads the damning testimonies of other young girls groomed by Joe. Shocked, Ruby slowly begins to realise she was wrong about her lover – she’s as much his victim as the others.

Nicole lends a sympathetic ear and urges her to build bridges with her mum. So, after months of hostility, Ruby braces herself for an emotional conversation with Caitlin, who is stunned by her daughter’s confession.

Nervously, Ruby admits Caitlin was right about Joe. Dumfounded by Ruby’s honesty, Caitlin is shocked when Ruby says she doesn’t blame her for murdering Joe.

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Elsewhere, tensions run high at the Murdochs, with Amber feeling undermined by Jessie and Alex. Determined to regain control, Amber sets up a meeting with Tyler Foulkes – but Alex questions whether this is a wise business move. She rebuffs his comments and is further irked when Lenny intervenes, seeing his advice as controlling.

Later, there’s an awkward exchange when Amber bumps into ex-girlfriend, Lou, and when Jac turns up jealousy rears its ugly head. Despite Lou’s assurances she’s moved on, Jac worries she has a potential love rival in Amber.

Stevie plays peacemaker with Scarlett and Bernie as he tries to make them draw a line under their differences over Molly’s will.

River City airs at 10pm on BBC Scotland

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