This week in Shieldinch… a desperate Ellie makes a final attempt to clear Caitlin’s name; Alex is torn between his obligation to Amber and his relationship with Jessie; and Scarlett and Bernie are at loggerheads over Molly’s will.

Ellie doorsteps Poppy asking to borrow Caitlin’s case files. Irked by her interference, Poppy tells Ellie to leave the case to her. Later, Poppy is shocked to discover the files have disappeared and, upon checking the CCTV, is stunned to see Ellie is the thief.

Poppy confronts Ellie, making it clear her actions could jeopardise Caitlin’s case. Ellie concedes, but not before she clocks key photographic proof that Caitlin couldn’t be in two places at the time of Joe’s murder.

Elsewhere, Jessie is annoyed at living under the same roof as a reckless and hostile Amber. Alex confronts Amber about her behaviour but she pulls rank, reminding him he answers to her now as a the boss of Murdoch Enterprises.

Worse still, Amber tells Alex the business needs to go back to it’s criminal roots to boost their cashflow. Alex reluctantly agrees, but when Jessie discovers what he’s been up to it drives a wedge between them, much to Amber’s satisfaction.

Scarlett and Bernie are left speechless when Molly’s will arrives. Their initial excitement about a windfall is quashed when they discover Molly spent their inheritance, leaving her daughters only a boxful of trinkets. Both sisters set their sights on Molly’s beloved rosary beads, triggering a war of words between the siblings.

River City airs at 10pm on BBC Scotland

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