This week in Shieldinch… Lenny is determined to keep Amber close to home, but his plans aren’t met with universal approval; Cameron’s attempts to alleviate Dylan’s anxieties go awry; and Ellie’s desire for justice only succeeds in angering Nicole.

Lenny’s safe return makes the Murdoch brothers think ahead, with Amber’s future plans proving unsettling for all. Lenny attempts to reminisce with Amber, but tugging at her heart strings proves futile. Amber makes her intentions clear: the only way she’ll stay in Shieldinch is if she gains sole control of the Murdoch’s business.

Desperate to keep his daughter close, Lenny accepts – much to the chagrin of Alex and Rory. With Amber’s dominance casting a shadow over the Murdoch family, Lenny’s actions only serve to further isolate him from his warring children.

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Elsewhere, an awkward atmosphere looms over Cameron and Eve, with Dylan feeling increasingly caught in the middle. As Dylan’s anxiety grows, Cameron tries to put his brother at ease by suggesting he works with him at the Jailbirds.

However, Stevie reacts angrily at Cameron’s interference, while Dylan feels patronised by his actions. Sensing Stevie’s reaction is in fact jealousy, Cameron delights that his closeness to Poppy is getting under Stevie’s skin.

Later, Eve feels hopelessly conflicted about her mistrust of Cameron and can’t shake the suspicion her son’s behaviour is troubling. Ellie admits to AJ that she believes Nicole is up to something, and takes it upon herself to play detective. Nicole threatens to change her police statement in defence of Caitlin unless Ellie backs off.

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