Monday March 15, 2021

09:30 Classic Holby City – Get Busy Living (S12E50/55) (SD) New. Penny is surprised by Frieda’s hidden talents, and Faye receives the results of the Lowe Syndrome test on her unborn baby. (Widescreen)

10:55 Classic Casualty – Love and Duty (S20E11/47) (SD) New. The racist thugs return to the hospital and surround Guppy in the car park. Meanwhile, Woody wants to report Josh for hitting an unruly child. (Widescreen)

Tuesday March 16, 2021

09:30 Classic Holby City – A Failure to Communicate (S12E51/55) (SD) New. Jac clashes with Ric after she is made Acting Consultant on the Keller wing, and Penny encourages Frieda to reveal her skills as a doctor. (Widescreen)

10:55 Classic Casualty – Anti-Social Behaviour (S20E12/47) (SD) New. A guilty Abs remains tight-lipped about witnessing Guppy’s attack. Harry is left feeling embarrassed after making a move on Ellen. (Widescreen)

(Picture: BBC)

Wednesday March 17, 2021

09:30 Classic Holby City – Test Results (S12E52/55) (SD) New. Linden returns from his break and turns his attention to a new doctor’s development. Connie struggles with a surgical procedure. (Widescreen)

10:55 Classic Casualty – Getting Involved (S20E13/47) (SD) New. Nina is appalled to discover Abs did not come forward as a witness to the racist attack. Guppy views the video line-up of suspects, but is threatened afterwards. (Widescreen)

Thursday March 18, 2021

09:30 Classic Holby City – Long Night’s Journey into Day (S12E53/55) (SD) New. Michael is pushed over the edge when he hears Ric is moving in with Annalese, placing him in Connie’s line of fire. (Widescreen)

(Picture: BBC)

10:55 Classic Casualty – Skin Deep (S20E14/47) (SD) New. Guppy is horrified when Abs comes clean to him about witnessing the attack. Meanwhile, a badly beaten Jas is brought to the hospital, a victim of Lee and the gang. (Widescreen)

Friday March 19, 2021

09:30 Classic Holby City – Revelations (S12E54/55) (SD) New. Linden does his best to shun Faye, causing her to take extreme action to grab his attention, and Oliver’s confidence is crushed by another disagreement with Greg. (Widescreen)

10:55 Classic Casualty – Enough’s Enough (S20E15/47) (SD) New. Abs tells Nina he is going to testify against the racist gang, and Guppy makes a shocking discovery. (Widescreen)

(Picture: BBC)

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