Fflam spoilers: Series 1 Episode 6

Fflam concludes on S4C at 21:00 with episode 6


Following a horrific accident, we see lives at stake and plans scrapped. Will Deniz find out what’s consumed Noni’s attention over the past week? And will he be able to deal with what he finds?

(Picture: S4C)


Yn dilyn damwain erchyll, gwelwn fywydau yn y fantol a chynlluniau yn mynd ar chwal. A fydd Deniz yn darganfod beth sydd wedi mynd â sylw Noni dros yr wythnos ddiwethaf? Ac a fydd e’n gallu delio gyda’r hyn mae’n ei ddarganfod?

(Picture: S4C)
  • Writer – Gwenno Hughes
  • Producer – Llyr Morus
  • Director – Judith Dine


  • Eleri Thomas as Doctor
  • Gwydion Rhys as Nurse
  • Gwyneth Keyworth as Noni
  • Lisa Marged as Doctor
  • Mali Ann Rees as Malan
  • Memet Ali Alabora as Deniz
  • Pinar Ögün as Ekin
  • Rhydian Bowen Phillips as Paramedic
  • Richard Harrington as Beds

Fflam airs at 9pm on S4C and the full series is available in a bingeable boxset on S4C Clic.

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