Tonight in Shieldinch…Lenny goes old-school gangster when the Foulkes family threaten his loved ones again; Bob drags a reluctant Stevie out for a drink to boost his spirits; and Eve and Dylan try to rebuild their fractured relationship.

Fearful of how close he came to losing his son, Lenny promises revenge – but Rory urges caution. However, when Lenny spots a veiled threat to Amber’s life from the Foulkes family, he silently decides to take action.

Alex tries to talk Lenny down but it proves futile. Hell-bent on violent revenge, Lenny lies in wait for Tyler. However, as the two men go head to head, it soon becomes clear the real culprit behind the threats – Tyler’s cousin, Dave Foulkes. The enemies find themselves unexpectedly united and Tyler faces an impossible decision to bring the feud to an end.

(Picture: BBC)

Elsewhere, seeing Stevie downbeat and unhappy, Scarlett turns to Bob to boost his brother’s mood. Despite his initial reluctance, Stevie goes to the Tall Ship for a few drinks, but Bob’s banter only irks him more. However, when Bob opens up about his emotional struggles in the past, the brothers bond and Stevie, at least momentarily, feels a weight has been lifted from his shoulders.

Eve tries to build bridges with Dylan and suggests they play a computer game together. Convinced his mum is a loser with technology, Dylan is stunned when Eve wins. As the tension between mother and son begins to thaw, Eve starts to feel optimistic about their future but worries the shadow of Cameron still looms large.


  • Cameron Fulton as Tyler Foulkes
  • David Paisley as Rory Murdoch
  • Frank Gallagher as Lenny Murdoch
  • Iain Robertson as Stevie O’Hara
  • Jenny Hulse as Amber Murdoch
  • Joe Proctor as Dave Foulkes
  • Jordan Young as Alex Murdoch
  • Kirsty Pickering as Jessie McAllister
  • Sally Howitt as Scarlett O’Hara
  • Sean Connor as Dylan Christie
  • Stephen Purdon as Bob O’Hara
  • Victoria Liddelle as Eve Christie
  • Director – Davie McKay
  • Producer – Kevin McComiskie
  • Writer – James McIntyre