Ollie nearly chokes to death while on a walk in the woods with Grace, forcing her to perform a makeshift surgical procedure using what she has to hand to save his life – an action that could have devastating consequences for both him and her relationship with Connie.

Rash discovers that his dad has been lying about his relationship.

Jade sees past her suspicions of Tina.


  • Director – Andy Newbery
  • Producer – Mat McHale
  • Writer – Kevin Rundle
  • Writer – Adam Hughes


  • Adele James as Christina ‘Tina’ Mollett
  • Amanda Henderson as Robyn Miller
  • Amanda Mealing as Connie Beauchamp
  • Bobby Lockwood as Leon Cook
  • Charles Venn as Jacob Masters
  • Derek Thompson as Charlie Fairhead
  • Di Botcher as Jan Jenning
  • Emily Carey as Grace Beauchamp
  • Gabriella Leon as Jade Lovall
  • George Rainsford as Ethan Hardy
  • Harry Collett as Ollie Hide
  • Jacey Salles as Rosa Cadenas
  • Jason Durr as David Hide
  • Kriss Dosanjh as Ashok Masum
  • Lloyd Meredith as Bradley Gibbins
  • Mark Stewart as Ant Campbell
  • Neet Mohan as Rashid Masum
  • Shobu Kapoor as Mona Nadkarni
  • Tasha Lim as Marika Hobart

Casualty airs this episode on Saturday 3rd April at 20:20 on BBC One.

By Eastieoaks

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