Monday 29th March 2021

  • Writer – Mark Wadlow
  • Director – Jordan Hogg

TODD LOVES IT WHEN A PLAN COMES TOGETHER Todd confides in Eileen how he’s considering taking a job in Bromsgrove to distance himself from Billy. Billy quizzes Paul about his night out, defensive Paul tells him he had a great time and it’s none of his business who he was with. Billy’s left in turmoil. Eileen corners Billy and tells him that because of him, Todd’s threatening to move away. Billy approaches Todd and begs him not to leave on his account. Todd lays his cards on the table and admits he still loves him and he’ll stay if they can be together.

AGGIE FIGHTS TO HIDE THE TRUTH Aggie calls Ed and says the last thing she wants is for Michael to find out that Ronnie thinks he might be his Dad as he’s got enough on his plate.

SIMON BRINGS NICK BAD NEWS In a bid to stop him finding out the truth, Simon lies to Nick and tells him that Leanne has got a new bloke, she’s moved on and he should stay away. Nick’s gutted. When Nick reveals that it’s over with Leanne, Natasha feels a glimmer of hope.

ELSEWHERE An excited Imran tells Toyah that social services called and they’ve agreed to place Kelly with them. Realising she’s no longer with Nina, Corey suggests they meet up later and Asha tentatively agrees.

Monday 29th March 2021

  • Writer – Alasdair Morrison
  • Director – Jordan Hogg

TODD OVERPLAYS HIS HAND Summer’s heartbroken all over again to hear that Todd might be leaving and urges Billy to make up his mind and decide if he wants to be with Paul or Todd as he’s in danger of losing both of them. On Todd’s advice, Paul tells Billy that he met a guy the other night and it’s time to move on. Bruised, Billy tells Todd that he still has feelings for Paul and it’s probably best if he takes the job and moves away. Todd’s gutted.

MICHAEL’S ROCKED BY RONNIE’S REVELATION Michael confronts Ed with Ronnie’s bombshell. Ed admits it’s true, Ronnie and Aggie had a relationship. His head spinning, Michael assures Grace that she and Glory are his family now and nothing else matters.

NATASHA HAS A PROPOSITION FOR NICK Natasha tells Nick that she’s changed her mind and he’s welcome to stay with her and Sam. Nick calls on Leanne and admits he’s still in love with her and reckons she loves him too underneath. Will Leanne open up?

ELSEWHERE Imran and Toyah take Kelly out to celebrate her moving in. When Kelly apologises for her Dad’s involvement in Rana’s death, Imran assures her that he will never judge her for something her Dad did. Toyah looks at him proudly. When Asha reveals that she’s seeing Corey again but he’s a changed person, Nina’s worried.

Thursday 1st April 2021

  • Writer – Mark Burt
  • Writer – David Isaac
  • Director – Jordan Hogg

THE CLOCK IS TICKING FOR TODD AND BILLY Eileen tries to talk Todd into staying, but Todd admits Billy’s the love of his life and if he can’t be with him, he has to go. Sarah’s furious when Todd hands his notice in, leaving her in the lurch. Meanwhile Paul admits to Daniel that he hasn’t really got a new boyfriend, it was all an act for Billy’s benefit, Daniel urges him to tell Billy how he really feels. As Todd heads into the tram station, Paul spots Billy. Stealing himself, Paul admits that there is no boyfriend, he still loves him and wants to try again. With Paul declaring his feelings for him, and knowing Todd is about to leave the street, what will Billy decide? Will he go with his heart?

MICHAEL NEEDS ANSWERS Michael calls at the builder’s yard and assures Ed that he’ll always be his Dad no matter what. Ed’s touched, but when Michael suggests a paternity test just to be sure, he gets upset and Michael backs down. Michael tells Ronnie that he’s ordered a DNA testing kit but no matter what the result, he’ll never accept him as his Dad. Ronnie’s shaken.

FAYE HAS A SENTENCE HANGING OVER HER Faye hears theat Ray has been charged with sexual assault but as she returns from her plea hearing, she’s convinced she’s going to prison

NINA FINDS A DIVERSIONNina’s worried for her friend as she watches Asha and Corey. In a bid to make a stand against traffic pollution, Nina blocks Victoria Street with tables from the cafe. Seb’s furious, pointing out he needs to get to work. As a defiant Nina and irate Seb stare each other out, Roy intervenes and orders Nina to move the tables back onto the pavement. When Seb confides in Nina that he’s planning to have his hair cut as he’s sick of the lads taking the mickey, Nina urges him to ignore them and be himself. Seb thanks Nina for her advice and as they discuss music they start to see each other in a new light.

ELSEWHERE When Alina reveals that she’s setting up a pop-up beautician’s in the salon, Maria seizes the chance to get her alone and books a consultation. Alina’s unnerved.

Friday 2nd April 2021

  • Writer – Jayne Hollinson
  • Writer – Carmel Morgan
  • Director – Gary Williams

FIZ TRIES TO SPARKLE Tyrone and Fiz meet for lunch, but the atmosphere is more tense than ever. Tyrone tells Fiz that if they’re to have any future, she has to forgive him, but that’s up to her. Fiz confides in Maria how Tyrone and Alina shared a kiss and she can’t get it out of her head. Having reached a decision, Fiz assures Tyrone that she does want them to work things out but there’s something he needs to do first. Tyrone tells Alina that for the sake of his family, she needs to move away. How will Alina react?

ASHA USES COREY TO MEND HER HEART When a gutted Nina hears that Corey and Asha are back together, it pushes her to invite Seb round to watch a film. Asha watches from across the street. Corey presents Asha with a lovely bouquet to celebrate their getting back together. Asha’s heart isn’t in it. At No.7, Corey puts pressure on Asha to go to bed with him, but Dev arrives home and throws Corey out. When Dev reveals that Seb’s now dating Nina, Asha insists she’s fine with it, but Dev’s not fooled.

TODD WINS SOME AND LOSES OTHERS Todd calls at No.11 and Eileen’s pleased to have him home. A miffed Todd admits Sarah refused to give him his job back. Having been tipped off by Eileen, Todd calls at the Undertakers hoping for a job. While George takes a call, Todd uses the opportunity to unleash his sales technique on an unsuspecting client and sells her the most expensive funeral plan. George concedes he’s got the job

MICHAEL TELLS AGGIE WHAT HE THINKS Ed admits that he’s relieved Michael has decided against the DNA test. In the hospital, Grace admits to Michael she felt sorry for Aggie and allowed her to see Glory on Facetime. Michael’s furious that Aggie ignored his request for space and calls to order her to back off.

ELSEWHERE Craig calls at No.4 and suggests to Faye they have a day out to take her mind off the court case. Faye visits Gary and admits she’s been pushing Craig away as she doesn’t want him to put his life on hold while she’s in prison.