Well that was one episode that, pun fully intended, went with a bang. It’s a shame that means the end of Reece Dinsdale in the role but wow that a way to kill off a nasty character. Rot in peace Paul I won’t mourn you.

(Picture: ITV) The end of the road for Paul

I am generally quite negative about a lot regarding Emmerdale and pick at faults etc from storylines to their social distancing, that is why when they go all out to air something big I am hooked. When the drama is good you don’t notice the distance between the actors and tonight showed that.

Mandy is a bubbly cheery character and the life and soul of the party so being given sad and upsetting scenes are a real credit to Lisa and shows there is more than just being happy all the time – to go from the to the worse is really an emotional rollercoaster.

I really wasn’t expecting Emmerdale to be quite so brutal with Paul’s attack on Liv, yes I know we heard more than we saw but that was harsh. Again, credit where it it due to Isobel Steele who played a blinder tonight.

Praise also goes to the stunt team who pulled off a great bit of telly under tough conditions. Stunts are hard work and tricky to get right under the best of conditions but when you have a team to keep 2 meters apart and the added extra of keeping it covid friendly this really nailed it.

(Picture: ITV)

Emmerdale pulled off something of a rarity in soaps in that they actually managed to keep people guessing until the end.

So with Vinny and Liv critical, Paul dead and Jimmy in a bad way there is a lot for Mandy to deal with and I have no doubts Lisa will play it brilliantly. Aaron also has a lot to process and with Paul dead will he now tell Mandy about Vinny’s abuse?

(Picture: ITV)

Emmerdale continues tomorrow at 7pm on ITV.