This week in Emmerdale the police are in the village asking questions about what happened. The truths start to come out and there is great upset ahead. Charles is confused by some upcoming funeral arrangements as it’s not the norm. Let’s be honest who is going to want an abuser getting a big send off?

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Faith is taking over and Tracy feels she’s lost control in her own home. Could it spell the end of Faith’s residency with them? Brenda and Faith exchange verbals. Pollard is caught, he comforts Brenda, but his mind wanders to Faith. Meanwhile, Faith starts to make the best of all her opportunities presented, could she turn things around?

Charity wants to make peace with her children and soon convinces Noah to give her another chance. He tells her Sarah will need a lot more work. Later Noah intervenes by trying to set up a chance meeting but it backfires. Ryan is determined to bring his family back together and tells Charity she needs to show Sarah she can be dependable. But can she?

Gabby is concerned for Kim.

Andrea asks Charles out for a drink. He turns her down but when Ethan encourages him he asks her to have that drink and she enthusiastically agrees. Manpreet finds she is suppressing her jealousy to see them together. Their date goes well so Charles arranges another but Meena seems upset by this union and starts stirring with Manpreet.

Bob confides in Dan how he and Wendy have yet to consummate their relationship and Dan encourages him to try and make a move. Later rather unsubtly Bob plies Wendy with oysters, opera, dark chocolate by candle-light but it has the reverse reaction and she makes her excuses and leaves leaving Bob worried he’s overstepped the mark.

Emmerdale airs these scenes from Monday 5 April on ITV.