After hours of searching Monaco, the syndicate have tracked down Frank to his hotel. Now is their chance to force him to admit that he stole their ticket! But before they can get a confession from Frank, security show up and throw them out of the hotel.

The syndicate know where Frank is, but they also know he’s not going to confess easily and now he knows they’re on to him too. Have they come all this way, and spent all this money, just to fail now?

Keeley decides they need to come up with a plan to get to Frank. If they can’t get at him inside the hotel, they’ll need to find a way to make him come to them. Roxy comes up with a brilliant idea to use Frank’s biggest weakness against him, but if it goes wrong it could get them into even more trouble.

As the syndicate put together a plan to get Frank, Roxy is forced to reveal a shocking secret to the rest of the syndicate. She confesses that she lied to them about how she got the money to come to Monaco.

Back in England, Colette and Theo struggle to keep the understaffed kennels running smoothly while the rest of the syndicate are away. Colette considers going on a date with Richard, but she fears that he and his wealthy business associates will never accept her. And how will Richard react when he finds out the truth about Colette’s past?


  • Angela Lonsdale as Mrs Lavine
  • Asha Reid as Camilla
  • Cassie Vallance as Helen Foster
  • David Menkin as Mr Shriver
  • Emily Head as Colette
  • Gaynor Faye as Cheryl
  • Genevieve Doang as Melissa
  • Jane Perry as Louise
  • Joe Sugg as Sam
  • Jonathan Kerrigan as Richard
  • Jordan Waller as Michel
  • Julian Kay as Police officer
  • Katherine Rose Morley as Keeley
  • Kieran Urquhart as Jake
  • Liberty Hobbs as Gemma
  • Lorraine Bruce as Denise
  • Mark Benton as Graham
  • Mazigh Bouaich as Waiter
  • Michael Shelford as Miles
  • Neil Morrissey as Frank
  • Oliver Anthony as Theo
  • Sabrina Sandhu as Taj
  • Steve Cooper as Mr Lavine
  • Taj Atwal as Roxy
  • Yan Tual as Pierre Moreau
  • Director – Dominic Leclerc
  • Producer – Josh Dynevor
  • Writer – Kay Mellor

Episode 3 of The Syndicate airs 13th April at 9pm on BBC One