Episode Four

The syndicate desperately try to rush Roxy to hospital before she loses her unborn baby. But they are horrified to discover that her emergency medical treatment is hugely expensive. Unless they can find the money to pay it off, Roxy won’t be allowed to leave the country.

In all the confusion, Keeley realises that they’ve missed out on the plan to kidnap Frank’s dog Duke. Keeley and Jake rush back to Toutous Kennels, only to find that they are closed for the night. Time is quickly running out for the syndicate – and they are still no closer to getting proof that Frank stole their ticket.

Keeley and Jake are forced to have an honest conversation about the real reason they broke up. Jake opens up about the custody battle he is fighting against his ex-girlfriend Georgina. With no address or steady income, Jake is sure he isn’t going to win, especially as Georgina has been lying about him to her solicitor. If he loses, he might never see his daughter Eva again.

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A flashback reveals how Jake considered kidnapping his daughter and running away to Liverpool.

Meanwhile, Frank is confronted by Mr Shriver, the head of Mercury Millions’ fraud team. Shriver has questions about Frank’s lottery win. Does the investigator suspect that Frank is lying? And does he know about the stolen ticket?

Back in England, Colette receives a tip off from an unlikely source and gets straight on the phone to Keeley. Could this help the syndicate gain the upper hand over Frank, or derail their plans completely?

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  • Alicya Eyo as Corinne
  • David Menkin as Mr Shriver
  • Emily Head as Colette
  • Gaynor Faye as Cheryl
  • Genevieve Doang as Melissa
  • Hans Bangala as Sebastien
  • Isobel Middleton as Mrs Stone
  • Jane Perry as Louise
  • Jonathan Kerrigan as Richard
  • Jordan Waller as Michel
  • Kaitlyn Akinpelumi as Teacher
  • Katherine Rose Morley as Keeley
  • Katie McGlynn as Georgina
  • Kieran Urquhart as Jake
  • Liberty Hobbs as Gemma
  • Lottie Gray as Eva
  • Lucy Akhurst as Mrs Fairburn
  • Mark Benton as Graham
  • Neil Morrissey as Frank
  • Oliver Anthony as Theo
  • Poppy Miller as Alice
  • Sabrina Sandhu as Taj
  • Taj Atwal as Roxy
  • Vittoria Baiocco as Toni
  • Yan Tual as Pierre Moreau

Episode 4 of The Syndicate airs 20th April at 9pm on BBC One

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