Episode One

It’s Keeley’s birthday and she could really do with some luck today. She’s defaulted on a payday loan, and the debt collectors are already knocking on her door demanding she pays off the £425 she owes. With nothing in her bank account, Keeley needs to think of a way to get the cash and fast… and winning the lottery would certainly solve all Keeley’s problems!

She’s been playing for years in a syndicate with the rest of the staff at Woodvale Kennels. They’ve never won big so far, but optimistic Keeley has a good feeling about this week’s draw. Of course, Keeley always has a good feeling about winning and her online gambling debt is proof of this. When Keeley takes the syndicate’s lottery ticket to the local shop to check, the newsagent Frank tells her she has won something… £500!

But when Keeley returns to work, the owner of the kennels has a special announcement about the future of Woodvale. Life is about to become much harder for everyone at the kennels. At least the £500 lottery win is something they can all celebrate.

But when they discover that Roxy’s numbers that week were alarmingly close to the winning lottery numbers… they realise they might have won more that £500 after all. Maybe even the jackpot of £27 million! Frank must have made a mistake with their ticket. They just need to find Frank so they can sort it all out… But what if it wasn’t a mistake?

Episode Two

Keeley and the syndicate tell Mercury Millions that they are the real lottery winners, not Frank. But without their ticket, they have no proof. How are they ever going to convince anyone they’re the real winners?

With £27 million on the line, the syndicate decide to take the problem into their own hands. They will track down Frank in Monaco themselves and force him to confess. But they’re shocked by how expensive last-minute flights are – none of the syndicate have that kind of money just lying around to throw at a wild goose chase… They’d have to beg, borrow and steal to get the cash together, but isn’t it worth the gamble, with £27 million at stake?

Colette is also facing an unexpected dilemma. One of the customers from the kennels wants to take her out for a drink. He’s a handsome, charming businessman, but Colette is torn. If she gets close to him, she might be forced to reveal the truth about her past. She moved across the country and changed her name to try to get a fresh start, but could this man be worth the risk?

As the syndicate try to scrape together the money for their flights, Frank is living a life of luxury with his dog Duke in Monaco. Frank’s outrageous bets are turning heads all over the city. When he sees a strange man spying on him at the casino, he is unnerved. Does this man have his eye on Frank’s prize money?

Episode Three

After hours of searching Monaco, the syndicate have tracked down Frank to his hotel. Now is their chance to force him to admit that he stole their ticket! But before they can get a confession from Frank, security show up and throw them out of the hotel.

The syndicate know where Frank is, but they also know he’s not going to confess easily and now he knows they’re on to him too. Have they come all this way, and spent all this money, just to fail now?

Keeley decides they need to come up with a plan to get to Frank. If they can’t get at him inside the hotel, they’ll need to find a way to make him come to them. Roxy comes up with a brilliant idea to use Frank’s biggest weakness against him, but if it goes wrong it could get them into even more trouble.

As the syndicate put together a plan to get Frank, Roxy is forced to reveal a shocking secret to the rest of the syndicate. She confesses that she lied to them about how she got the money to come to Monaco. Sam hatched the plan to steal Howard and get the £1000 reward and Roxy was involved.

Back in England, Colette and Theo struggle to keep the understaffed kennels running smoothly while the rest of the syndicate are away. Colette considers going on a date with Richard, but she fears that he and his wealthy business associates will never accept her. And how will Richard react when he finds out the truth about Colette’s past? Colette goes on the date with Richard but Miles – one of Colette’s ex-punters from her sex worker days – is at the meal with Richard.

Episode Four

The syndicate desperately try to rush Roxy to hospital before she loses her unborn baby. But they are horrified to discover that her emergency medical treatment is hugely expensive. Unless they can find the money to pay it off, Roxy won’t be allowed to leave the country.

Roxy doesn’t lose the baby.

In all the confusion, Keeley realises that they’ve missed out on the plan to kidnap Frank’s dog Duke. Keeley and Jake rush back to Toutous Kennels, only to find that they are closed for the night. Time is quickly running out for the syndicate – and they are still no closer to getting proof that Frank stole their ticket.

Keeley and Jake are forced to have an honest conversation about the real reason they broke up. Jake opens up about the custody battle he is fighting against his ex-girlfriend Georgina. With no address or steady income, Jake is sure he isn’t going to win, especially as Georgina has been lying about him to her solicitor. If he loses, he might never see his daughter Eva again.

A flashback reveals how Jake considered kidnapping his daughter and running away to Liverpool.

Meanwhile, Frank is confronted by Mr Shriver, the head of Mercury Millions’ fraud team. Shriver has questions about Frank’s lottery win. Does the investigator suspect that Frank is lying? And does he know about the stolen ticket?

Back in England, Colette receives a tip off from an unlikely source and gets straight on the phone to Keeley. Could this help the syndicate gain the upper hand over Frank, or derail their plans completely?

Episode Five

Now the syndicate have Frank’s dog, they need to sneak him past the people at reception and up to their hotel room… not an easy thing to do with an enormous Irish wolfhound. But they have another nasty surprise waiting in store for them. Their hotel bill is much bigger than they expected, and they don’t have enough money to cover it. Unless they can find a way to leave without paying, they’re going to be in serious trouble.

The staff at Toutous Kennels tell Frank that Duke is missing. Frank has no idea that the syndicate have stolen his dog, until he receives a surprise phone call from Keeley. She promises that they will return Duke, as long as Frank gives them their lottery winnings. Desperate Frank will do anything for his dog, but Cheryl tells him to hold his nerve. She has a plan to get Duke back without giving away their prize money.

Meanwhile Gemma has her own agenda – she is desperate to protect herself and her family from a sinister figure in her past. But when her plan goes wrong, it lands her in trouble with the authorities.

Gemma tries to buy a gun to shoot her dad.

Frank is taken in by the police, accused of stealing the lottery winnings.

Now Keeley and the gang must confront Frank and force him to hand over their prize money. With the clock ticking and their return flight to the UK approaching fast, can the syndicate keep their heads cool and their nerve steady as they make the biggest gamble of their lives? £27 million hangs in the balance…

Episode Six

The syndicate arrive back in England, devastated that their trip to Monaco has all been for nothing. However, when they leave the airport, they find an unexpected welcome party waiting for them. They are shocked to discover that proof of their win has unexpectedly come to light.

Keeley seeks help for her gambling addiction.

Frank begs Cheryl to help him in a last-ditch attempt to save himself and Duke. Now Cheryl is faced with a dilemma. She must choose whether to protect herself, or risk everything to help Frank.

Colette’s ex-boyfriend from when she was a sex worker turns up – he’s now a journalist.

Keeley and Jake celebrate their newfound wealth with a shopping spree and dream about buying Woodvale Kennels for themselves. But when Keeley realises that Jake may still has feelings for Georgina, she has second thoughts about their plan. She knows that Georgina will take Jake back to get her hands on his prize money. Will Jake choose the mother of his child over his new relationship with Keeley?

Jake proposes to Keeley.

The syndicate grapple with the consequences of winning the lottery. Colette is shocked by the unexpected reappearance of someone she thought she’d lost forever. Sam tries to persuade Roxy to give their relationship another shot, but she doesn’t know whether he really loves her or just wants her lottery money. And Gemma is heartbroken when she finds out the truth about her dad’s involvement in a family tragedy.

Graham agrees to sell Woodvale to Keeley and Jake.

Keeley believes she’ll never have to worry about money again, but she’s about to face the true consequences of her gambling addiction. Will this be enough to make her quit for good?