Vinny asks Lydia to be his counsellor.

Lydia finds Kim dozing off at her laptop and tries to get her to seek medical help.

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Chas and Marlon are struggling with the Woolie finances and realise they have to let Matty go but Will Marlon struggle to front up to Matty?

Rhona’s gutted when she finds out Marlon’s working all weekend again.

Cathy uses April to get close to Ellis. Ellis flirts with Priya and gazes after her hopefully. Later, April puts a note in a bag of Ellis’s favourite sweets. When he gets home she tells them they were left by the front door. When Ellis reads the accompanying romantic note he dares to hope it came from Priya. However, Ellis confronts Priya about the sweets as Cathy and April listen-in. Will there be a few red faces?

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Gabby’s left hurt and humiliated when Jamie refuses to attend her pregnancy scan.


Molly asks Bernie out for a coffee.

Karen toys with the idea of becoming Rainie’s surrogate for money but Bernie shuts her down.

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Whitney and Kush set a plan in motion. Will they get their happily ever after or will their ending be one of heartbreak?

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Courtney surprises Sid with a one-to-one meeting with DS Cohen to discuss his future plans to become a police officer.

Warren demands money off Fergus, but instead of giving him the cash, Fergus books a table at a fancy restaurant for Warren to surprise Maxine with. Will Warren take his offer…

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Martine has a family meeting with Toby, Celeste and Walter, and Felix is suspicious to see them having a serious discussion without him.

Friday’s episode has John Paul at the centre, where he finally faces the truth of his situation.

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Emmerdale, EastEnders and Hollyoaks air these scenes from Monday 19 April on ITV, BBC One and C4/E4.

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