Monday 19 April 2021, BBC Scotland, 10pm – 11pm

This week in Shieldinch… Alex makes a shocking discovery when it’s revealed Paul is a donor match for Rory; Bob’s suspicions about Rebecca cause her to jeopardise her relationship with Angus; and while Stevie’s attempts to find an income fail, Ruby’s concerns for Maggie grow.

News that Paul is a donor match for Rory unsettles Alex, who can’t fathom why none of the family was able to help. To make matters worse, Alex is stunned when Rory reveals he’s declined Paul’s offer to donate a life-saving kidney.

Amber and Alex share their suspicions and vow to uncover the truth. Realising he needs some expert medical advice, Alex seeks out Dr Eve. Feeling compromised, Eve eventually makes a shocking admission which potentially will have far-reaching implications for the Murdochs.

Elsewhere, Bob tries to uncover the truth about Rebecca and begins to unravel her lies, hellbent on protecting Angus. When Rebecca rumbles Bob’s actions, she tries to get to Angus first, but is blindsided by his good news: he’s found them a flat.

All too aware Bob is on to her, Rebecca’s bizarre behaviour leads to a tipsy flirtation with Levi and sure-fire heartache for Angus.

Stevie’s money worries cast a shadow and he asks Bernie for help. However, when she exploits the situation, Stevie is left feeling undermined. Deflated, Stevie later clashes with Scarlett, who is far from sympathetic.

Ruby grows concerned about her gran, Maggie, who seems distant and distracted. Worried Maggie might confess all to Ruby, Caitlin attempts to downplay things and protect her family.

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By Eastieoaks

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