Monday 26 April 2021, BBC Scotland, 10pm – 11pm

  • Director – Morag Fullarton
  • Producer – Jim Webster
  • Writer – Kim Millar

This week in Shieldinch… Dylan plucks up the courage to tell Ruby how he really feels; Rebecca’s lies finally catch up with her; and while an anxious Lou prepares for an important job interview, Alex makes a difficult decision.

Realising Dylan still has feelings for Ruby, Eve gives him money to take her out on a date. However, when he excitedly reveals his plans to Cameron, his older brother quickly puts a negative spin on things.

When Ruby arrives, she looks stunning and Dylan assumes (wrongly) that she’s done this for his benefit. Over dinner, Dylan takes the opportunity to tell Ruby he loves her – but sadly the feeling isn’t mutual.

Crushed, Dylan confesses his disastrous date to Cameron, who takes advantage of his brother’s vulnerability. Cameron further poisons his mind about all women being twisted… and the worst culprit of all is their mother, Eve.

Elsewhere, Rebecca and Levi vow to keep their drunken kiss a secret. Angus and Rebecca have a heart to heart, and she finally confesses to the lies she’s been telling lately. To her delight, Angus forgives her.

Later, Levi gets the wrong idea and assumes Rebecca has revealed all about their tryst. Angus is gutted and tells Rebecca it’s one lie too many, he can’t forgive her infidelity – it’s over.

Jac offers his support to an anxious Lou as she prepares for her online job interview. However, when uncomfortable questions about her policing past arise, she stumbles.

Alex decides to conceal the DNA doubts about the Murdochs from Rory and Amber. Determined to get some answers, Alex turns to Eve for help to make some surreptitious investigations of his own.

(Picture: BBC)

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