Ackley Bridge spoilers: Series 4 Episode Two

The Romany Gypsies are wrongly blamed for robbing the school and an offended Johnny understandably walks out. Martin has problems at home as well as a job interview, but he needs to make things right. Kayla learns more about Johnny and inadvertently enters into a pact.

  • Writer – Ayub Khan Din
  • Producer – Rosalie Carew
  • Director – Joe Stephenson


  • Abdul Ahad Butt as Younis Iqbal
  • Arbaz Rashid as Waqar Abdelrahman
  • Charlie Hardwick as Sue Carp
  • Connor McIntyre as Grandad Cooper
  • Emily Pyzer as Candice Murgatroyd
  • George Potts as Ken Weaver
  • Hareet Deol as Hassan Hussein
  • Jasmine Payne as Queenie Cooper
  • Jessica Kaliisa as Gaynor Evershed
  • Jo Joyner as Mandy Carter
  • Leena Dhingra as Zainab Hyatt
  • Lorraine Cheshire as Lorraine Bird
  • Megan Parkinson as Sam Murgatroyd
  • Nazmeen Kauser as Razia Paracha
  • Olivia Marie Fearn as Rose Boswell
  • Phoebe Tuffs-Berry as Rukhsana Ibrahim
  • Razia Yousaf as Granny Paracha
  • Robert James-Collier as Martin Evershed
  • Robyn Cara as Kayla Afzal
  • Ryan Dean as Johnny Cooper
  • Shobhit Piasa as Tahir Randhawa
  • Sunetra Sarker as Kaneez Paracha
  • Szymon Kantor as Pawel Nowicki
  • Tony Jayawardena as Rashid Hyatt
  • Yasmin Al-Khudhairi as Fizza Akhtar
  • Yousef Naseer as Saleem Paracha
  • Zain Khan as Zain Younis
  • Zara Salim as Kacey `Spud’ Gartside

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