The award-winning school drama set in a Yorkshire mill town returns for a fifth series, with its trademark mix of funny, heartfelt and hard-hitting stories, as Top Boy’s Ashley Walters makes his directorial debut. Ackley’s back with more high-jinx plans, scams and madcap adventures in school and on the estate.

Episode One

We pick up with our trio, Johnny, Kayla and Fizza, as they try to navigate the second half of the school year – a year already jam-packed with love triangles, catfishing, compulsive liars and one utterly joyous (albeit failed) Romany wedding. But it’s not over until the last school bell rings… And for the adults, life is just as chaotic. Marina (Megan Morgan) pulls a pulse-racing stunt at school, designed to send her social media sky-high. It causes outrage among the parents and puts Martin (Robert James-Collier) firmly under Ken’s (George Potts) boot. But Marina’s high is short-lived when she discovers that Jules (Gemma Paige North) has racked up debt and they’ve been evicted. Meanwhile, new teacher Asma (Laila Zaidi) arrives with firebrand ideals that capture the hearts of Fizza (Yasmin Al-Khudhairi) and Hassan (Hareet Deol).

10pm on Monday July 11 – Channel 4

Episode Two

Kayla (Robyn Cara) and Johnny (Ryan Dean) are planning to ‘do it’. But Kayla’s inexperience sends her into a wormhole of anxiety before the big night. Meanwhile, Kaneez (Sunetra Sarker) is given the task of heading up the Year 11 sex ed class, while Asma (Laila Zaidi) is unwillingly partnered with Hassan (Hareet Deol) to revive the girls’ rugby team. And Jules’ (Gemma Paige North) new job lands Kayla with some devastating news.

10.30pm on Monday July 11 – Channel 4

Episode Three

Johnny (Ryan Dean) spirals down a dangerous path to try to make Kayla (Robyn Cara) stay in Ackley. Martin (Robert James-Collier) risks all to help get Johnny out of trouble. And Marina’s brother Kyle (Adam Little) lands at school, causing chaos for Kaneez (Sunetra Sarker) and persuading Marina (Megan Morgan) to stay with him on the estate.

10pm on Tuesday July 12 – Channel 4

Episode Four

Pressure mounts on Fizza (Yasmin Al-Khudhairi) as she’s made captain of the debate team in an upcoming competition against St Marks. Struggling to balance school with managing her dad’s deteriorating mental health, she finds herself unexpectedly bonding with debate partner Chloe (Fern Deacon). Meanwhile, there are very worrying times for Marina (Megan Morgan). And Asma (Laila Zaidi) and Hassan (Hareet Deol) have a tense exchange at Muslim speed dating.

10.30pm on Tuesday July 12 – Channel 4

Episode Five

Kaneez (Sunetra Sarker) is unexpectedly caught up in a puppy heist while trying to manage tearaway Kyle (Adam Little) and study for her GCSEs. Meanwhile, unable to cope with Asif (Raj Ghatak) on her own, Fizza (Yasmin Al-Khudhairi) reaches out to Asma (Laila Zaidi) for help and discovers that she’s an alcoholic.

10pm on Wednesday July 13 – Channel 4

Episode Six

Asma (Laila Zaidi) appeals to Fizza (Yasmin Al-Khudhairi), desperate to keep her alcoholism from coming out. But Asma’s problems only intensify when her dad unexpectedly arrives at school, hoping to meet her new boyfriend. Hassan (Hareet Deol) is delighted by Asma’s lie and plays along, agreeing to dinner. Meanwhile, Marina (Megan Morgan) intervenes in Fizza and Chloe’s (Fern Deacon) blossoming romance.

10.30pm on Wednesday July 13 – Channel 4

Episode Seven

It’s the day of the girls’ rugby tournament. Marina (Megan Morgan) tries to bottle it after facing online abuse from the St Marks captain but still manages to catch the eye of a boy in the crowd. At an afterparty, the pair get close, but things take a disturbing turn when he starts to push things too far. Meanwhile, Asma (Laila Zaidi) and Hassan (Hareet Deol) go on their first date.

10pm on Thursday July 14 – Channel 4

Episode Eight

Marina (Megan Morgan), with the support of Fizza (Yasmin Al-Khudhairi), Hayley (Cody Ryan) and Chloe (Fern Deacon), finds the strength and courage to understand her sexual assault. Everything comes to a head when St Marks arrive back at Ackley for the boys’ rugby match.

10.30pm on Thursday July 14 – Channel 4

Episode Nine

It’s exam day. Fizza (Yasmin Al-Khudhairi) receives a distressing call from Asif (Raj Ghatak) that makes her drop everything. Meanwhile, Kyle (Adam Little) steals an exam paper for Kaneez (Sunetra Sarker). And Asma (Laila Zaidi) finally realises that she needs to get professional help.

10pm on Friday July 15 – Channel 4

Episode Ten

Series finale of the award-winning school drama set in a Yorkshire mill town. It’s the day of the leavers ball. Johnny (Ryan Dean) decides to quit his audition after having a crisis of confidence, but Rashid (Tony Jayawardena) is determined to change his mind. Fizza (Yasmin Al-Khudhairi) struggles to cope after her dad was hospitalised. And Martin’s (Robert James-Collier) head is on the block at the school governors’ meeting, but Marina (Megan Morgan) has a plan to help.

10.30pm on Friday July 15 – Channel 4