Jade returns to the bar where her drink was spiked, hoping to catch someone in the act, and persuades Robyn to act as bait. However, her need for revenge gets out of hand when she tricks a man into drinking from a glass he has laced with ketamine, leaving him in urgent need of medical attention.

Jan proposes someone pose as a patient to gather evidence against the Harrington Street Clinic.

Lev realises that he does not have to be alone.


  • Amanda Henderson as Robyn Miller
  • Ben Allen as Avery Hicks
  • Di Botcher as Jan Jenning
  • Douglas Rankine as Mark Johnstone
  • Fisun Burgess as Bibi Kirkby
  • Gabriella Leon as Jade Lovall
  • George Rainsford as Ethan Hardy
  • Michael Stevenson as Iain Dean
  • Neet Mohan as Rashid Masum
  • Olivia D’Lima as Fenisha Khatri
  • Rick Warden as Ciaran Coulson
  • Shaheen Jafargholi as Marty Kirkby
  • Uriel Emil as Lev Malinovsky
  • Writer – Kellie Smith
  • Director – Katie Churcher
  • Producer – Jayne Chard

Casualty airs this episode on Saturday 8th May at 21:20 on BBC One.

By Eastieoaks

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