Tuesday 11th May

Peri and Juliet are furious when they realise that Yazz has tricked them into an interview with a game of “truth or dare”. However, once she explains why she’s trying to raise money, they agree to go ahead with it, but Juliet takes offense with one of the questions and storms off. Later, we see Juliet getting a message from an unknown contact.

Wednesday 12th May

Peri is eager for her best friend, Yazz, and girlfriend, Juliet, to get along, so she encourages them to apologise and make up. Later, Peri jumps to conclusions and thinks Juliet might be dealing again when she is caught in a lie.

(Picture: Lime Pictures)

Thursday 13th May

Juliet is frustrated when Peri confronts her and accuses her of dealing again. Later, Peri overhears Juliet telling best friend Sid that he’s the only person she can talk to about everything she’s been through. Peri confides in Yazz, who puts an idea in her head that maybe Sid and Juliet are seeing each other behind her back…

Friday 14th May

Peri is done with playing games and demands to know who Juliet is texting. Later, Fergus talks to Juliet, and tells her he has the perfect solution to her relationship worries. Also, Juliet reveals to Sid who has been texting her…