Monday 3 May 2021 (E4) 7:00pm – 7:30pm

  • Writer – Steve Hughes
  • Director – Tracey Rooney

Obsessive Summer sets out to sabotage Sienna’s date. Luke is faced with a person from his past. Tom is excited about a new business venture. Manipulative Cher tries to throw Mercedes off her game.

Sienna is excited about her blind date with ‘Theo’, someone she met on a dating app. Meanwhile, Summer is hellbent on sabotaging her date. She breaks into Sienna’s flat and, whilst there, she hears Sienna’s phone go off – its Theo asking to re-arrange their date. Later, Summer meets Theo at The Dog pretending to be Sienna…

Luke’s mum, Sue Morgan arrives to the village. It’s a frosty reunion between Luke and his estranged mum, but she’s here because she wants to reconnect. Later, she makes a shocking confession…

Mercedes is practising her speech for the Business Woman of The Year Award with a spiteful Cher, who attempts to throw her off by carefully choosing her words and questions.

An excited Tom tells Yazz about his plan to build a café in the park. Yazz worries that she’s a journalist, not a barista, but Tom reassures her that it’s the perfect spot to get the best scoop.

Diane’s inner monologue panics that her clothes are full of germs.