Friday 7 May 2021 (E4) 7:00pm – 7:30pm

  • Writer – Colin O’Donnell
  • Director – Tim Hopewell

Cleo must think fast when she fears that a hospital patient is in danger. The Maalik family try to come up with a way to get money fast. Fergus is blackmailed. Sienna confronts Maxine. And Trish has a difficult decision to make.

Nurse Cleo is put in a difficult situation when she suspects her patient, Tommy, is lying about how he got hurt, and she believes his step-dad, Adrian, had something to do with it. She confides in Toby, but he tells her that having a bad feeling may not be a good enough reason to get involved. Later, Cleo makes it her mission to get the truth out of Tommy…

Sienna is furious at Maxine for letting Warren see the kids without her permission. Later, she confronts Warren, but he turns the tables and says he’s going to get the best solicitor so he can fight for custody of his children.

Fergus is in deep water when his blackmailer, Katja, returns, and demands a large sum of money to buy her silence. Later, Fergus calls his business partner, Warren, and tells him that a mystery person has evidence of the laptop heist and is demanding money, and there’s only one way out…

comes up with a plan to raise money to help Shaq, by selling her belongings. She finds an antique bird statue that her late husband bought, and the family agree to sell it. Meanwhile, Yazz finds a journalism competition with a cash prize, and thinks Juliet and Peri will be her perfect interviewees, and even though they refuse, she hatches a plan to get the answers off them.

Trish is torn between her head and her heart and doesn’t know whether to give Fergus another chance.