Monday 10 May 2021 (E4) 7:00pm – 7:30pm

  • Writer – Jonathan Boam
  • Director – Tim Hopewell

The walls are closing in on Warren and Fergus, and Warren has a difficult decision to make. Misbah may have found the solution to Shaq’s money troubles. Cleo gets one of her patients to open up to her. Yazz offends Juliet. And Warren apologises to Maxine for the way he’s treated her.

Warren agrees to silence the blackmailer for good, to save himself and Fergus going to prison, but will he go through with it… Meanwhile, Fergus asks Trish to go on a trip with him, and Warren apologises to Maxine for the way he has treated her…

Shaq is feeling guilty that Misbah is selling a beloved item, but they are over the moon when the antique shop reveals that they have been sitting on a fortune. However, Fergus has a nasty plan up his sleeve…

Peri and Juliet are furious when they realise that Yazz has tricked them into an interview with a game of “truth or dare”. However, once she explains why she’s trying to raise money, they agree to go ahead with it, but Juliet takes offense with one of the questions and storms off. Later, we see Juliet getting a message from an unknown contact.

Toby hatches a plan to seek revenge on Adrian, the step-dad of Cleo’s patient, as he suspects he is guilty of abuse. Meanwhile, Cleo opens up to Tommy, and they have a heart to heart.