Hollyoaks spoilers: Tuesday 11 May 2021

Tuesday 11 May 2021 (E4) 7:00pm – 7:30pm

  • Writer – Tom Melia
  • Director – Tim Hopewell

Cleo panics when the police turn up at her work. Peri jumps to conclusions when she finds out that Juliet has been lying to her. The Maalik family celebrate Eid, but Misbah is keeping a secret from Sami. Warren ties up loose ends. Marco is excited to be left in charge while Trish is away.

Warren is mending his loose ends, worried that he is going to be sent down, but in the process, makes Maxine feel like a cheap one-night stand. He meets with Felix to try and make amends, and Fergus interrupts them with some news… Later, Maxine is shocked to discover Warren has been lying to her for weeks….

Cleo worries that her and Toby could be in trouble for their actions yesterday when DS Cohen shows up at the hospital, and she is forced to lie to her to protect herself.

The Maalik family celebrate Eid, but Misbah lies to Sami about where she is getting the money from to settle Shaq’s debts.

Peri is eager for her best friend, Yazz, and girlfriend, Juliet, to get along, so she encourages them to apologise and make up. Later, Peri jumps to conclusions and thinks Juliet might be dealing again when she is caught in a lie.

Marco is excited about being left in charge whilst Trish is gone, as him and his brother, Jacob, can conduct their plan and steal her clients, but it doesn’t go to plan…

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