Coronation Street spoilers: Elaine leaves but will return

Tonight’s Coronation Street episode (Friday 28 May) saw Elaine played by Paula Wilcox get out from underneath Tim and Sally’s feet and depart the street but fans need not worry as she will return.

As Elaine put it “It’ll be just like i’ve gone to the shops before telling Tim just how proud she was of him and that he was nothing like Geoff.

A departing Elaine promised Tim 3 rings on the landline, yes people still do that, as soon as she got home.

Back in doors with Sally the phone rang but as Sally was baffled who was calling a happy Tim sat there, content, having made peace with his mum.

It’s not the last we’ll see of Elaine just goodbye for now.

Coronation Street continues Monday on ITV.

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