Monday 31 May 2021 (E4) 7:00pm – 7:30pm

  • Writer: Jane Wainwright
  • Director: Duncan Foster

Luke worries about his future when his mum Sue’s health worsens. Verity confides in Tony about her fears for Diane’s mental health. Summer is left scrambling for words when she’s confronted by Sienna. Grace has a plan to trick Fergus into showing his true colours.

Summer does her best to prove to Brody how serious she is about their relationship, but Brody tells her he needs time. However, Summer has bigger fish to fry when she is forced to explain herself when confronted by Sienna with the note she wrote about Brody. Summer lies, and tells her she was just frustrated after an argument, but will Sienna believe her…

Sue’s health worsens as she is given an oxygen tank after collapsing, and Misbah warns Luke that she is getting weaker, and will become more dependant. Luke admits to Mandy that he’s scared of dying. Later, recovering alcoholic Luke contemplates turning to drink to cope, but will anyone stop him in time.

Verity confides in Tony about her fears for Diane’s mental health, but Diane denies her claims, and asks Tony to show her some support. Later, Misbah visits Diane, and tells her she can talk to her if she’s feeling anxious about anything, but Diane’s far from happy when she realises Verity was behind the visit.

Felix is frustrated when his best friend, Warren, blows him off for Fergus, so Grace hatches a plan to invite them to a poker night tomorrow, and the game will be rigged to make sure Grace wins. They want to see how Fergus will react to losing to a girl…

By Eastieoaks

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