Monday 14 June 2021

  • Writer: Jonathan Boam
  • Director: Mustapha Kseibati

Damon has a surprise for Liberty, but she has bigger fish to fry when she makes a shocking discovery. Juliet gets the wrong end of the stick. A jealous Grace confronts Martine after she flirts with Felix.

Tuesday 15 June 2021

  • Writer: James Coleman
  • Director: Mustapha Kseibati

The search is on for missing Liberty after Damon receives a strange message from her. Sally tries to come up with a plan to get John Paul out of prison. Martine shows off her flight attendant flirtation skills.

Wednesday 16 June 2021

  • Writer: Sarah Brown
  • Director: Mustapha Kseibati

James inadvertently gives Sally an extravagant idea to convince the police that she killed George, in the hope of freeing John Paul from prison. Damon finds a goodbye letter from Liberty, but all is not as it seems. Imran invites Ripley to a live-stream DJ session.

Thursday 17 June 2021

  • Writer: Sachin Kureishi
  • Director: Mustapha Kseibati

Sally tries to get the McQueen family on board with her out-there plan to convince the police that she killed George. Summer struggles to work out how to continue her revenge plot against Brody without hurting Sienna. Shaq overhears Sami betting Verity that he can’t do a real job.

Friday 18 June 2021

  • Writer: Jayshree Patel
  • Director: Mustapha Kseibati

A desperate Sally turns to corrupt PC Smith, in an attempt to get herself sent down for George’s murder, but can he be trusted? Shaq opens up to Verity about a shocking family discovery. Cher struggles with the online trolling she’s receiving. Damon, Brody and Sienna put up posters to help the search for Liberty.