Monday 31 May 2021, BBC Scotland, 10pm – 11pm

This week in Shieldinch… Maggie’s resolve is pushed to the limit and she threatens to break her silence; Kim and Levi’s open relationship unlocks insecurities; and Scarlett struggles to reconnect with Stevie following his overdose.

Maggie is stunned when she discovers that Caitlin lied to her to stop her from turning herself into the police. Feeling duped and burdened with guilt, Maggie heads to Amber Cabs and comes face to face with Alex, who senses all is not well.

Clearly distressed, Maggie is desperate to go to the police, but Alex urges caution: whatever is bothering her, that’s a last resort. However, his words only trigger Maggie’s murderous confession. Turning confidante, Alex highlights the dramatic implications for the McLeans if Maggie opts to confess all.

(Picture: BBC)

However, there’s more drama in store later, when a suspicious Ruby dupes Maggie into an accidental confession.

Elsewhere, affairs of the heart cause upset for Kim as she struggles with the reality of an open relationship with Levi. When he announces he’s got another date lined up, Kim’s insecurities rise and heartbreak looms.

An anxious Scarlett fusses over Stevie as he returns home from hospital after his overdose. Feeling lost and overwhelmed, Stevie is distant and Scarlett doesn’t know what to say for the best. Scarlett opens up to Sonny, but when Stevie overhears how anxious she is, he makes a quick exit.

Sonny finds Stevie at the scene of his overdose and helps him come to terms with what he’s going through, urging him to open up to Scarlett. They need each other now more than ever.

(Picture: BBC)
  • Director – David McKay
  • Producer – Kevin McComiskie
  • Writer – Sergio Casci


  • Gayle Telfer Stevens As Caitlin Mclean
  • Leah Macrae As Ellie Mclean
  • Kathryn Howden As Maggie Mclean
  • Scott Fletcher As Angus Lindsay
  • Frances Thorburn As Kim O’hara
  • Zindzi Hudson As Ruby Mclean
  • Jordan Young As Alex Murdoch
  • Sally Howitt As Scarlett O’hara
  • Iain Robertson As Stevie O’hara
  • Jennifer Black As Laura Haynes
  • Thierry Mabonga As Levi Lukanda
  • James Allenby-kirk As Paul Ames
  • Stephen Purdon As Bob O’hara
  • Jimmy Chisholm As Sonny Caplan