Monday 7 June 2021, BBC Scotland, 10pm – 11pm

This week in Shieldinch… the day of Caitlin’s trial arrives and the McLean’s start to unravel, a blinkered Jac refuses to listen to Lou about the extent of Joe’s abuse, and Suzie and Bernie bond as they hold the fort at The Tall Ship.

Caitlin’s lawyer Laura tries to allay her fears, but Caitlin seems determined to change her plea to guilty to save Maggie from taking the blame. Laura talks her around, but as the evidence against her mounts in court, Caitlin begins to crack.

Laura does her best to cast reasonable doubt over the prosecution’s case, picking apart the post-mortem results and throwing into question who dealt the killer blow to Joe.

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Nicole takes the stand, but her testimony contradicts her police statement and she’s quickly discredited as a reliable witness.

Next up is Ellie, whose nerves take over. The prosecution pull her apart on the stand and seeing her sister struggle, Caitlin’s anger boils over. When Ruby fails to appear, Caitlin fears the worst – but there’s another bombshell on the horizon: Ruby’s father, Ash King.

Initially Ash is supportive, but after discovering Ruby had a child with her abuser, Joe, he shames Caitlin’s parenting skills and admits their past relationship was volatile.

Meanwhile, Jac is optimistic of a guilty verdict. But her positivity sours as she hears details of how Joe groomed an underage Ruby. The tables turn again, when Ruby’s testimony reveals that Caitlin hit Joe. However Jac is crushed when Lou reveals the investigation into Joe has uncovered multiple underage victims.

At the Tall Ship, Suzie offers moral support to the McLeans. With all the family drama unfolding, Suzie tells Bernie she’s not sure whether she has a place in Shieldinch anymore.

(Picture: BBC)
  • Writer – Jillian Mannion
  • Director – Ade Bean
  • Producer – Deb Charles


  • Barbara Rafferty as Bernie O’Hara
  • Brian James Leys as Ash King
  • Charlene Boyd as Jac Dunn
  • Eilidh Talman as Dr Janet Symons
  • Gayle Telfer Stevens as Caitlin McLean
  • Holly Jack as Nicole Brodie
  • Jennifer Black as Laura Haynes
  • Juliet Cadzow as Suzie Fraser
  • Kathryn Howden as Maggie McLean
  • Kern Falconer as Judge Harman
  • Leah MacRae as Ellie McLean
  • Lesley Hart as Lou Caplan
  • Sanjeev Kohli as Amandeep Jandhu
  • Wendy Seager as Olivia Darkel
  • Zindzi Hudson as Ruby McLean

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