Monday 14 June 2021, BBC Scotland, 10pm – 11pm

This week in Shieldinch… Caitlin and her family wait with bated breath as her trial draws to a close; Ellie is left heartbroken, and Jac is devastated when she discovers the truth about Joe; and Cameron lures Dylan even further into his vengeful plans for Eve.

Overwhelmed with guilt, Maggie fears her actions could see Caitlin found guilty of murder. Ellie tries to calm her mother: if she sticks to the plan Caitlin will hopefully walk free.

Caitlin’s lawyer, Laura, does her best to cast reasonable doubt over Caitlin’s guilt, implying Maggie could be the murderer. Although clearly uncomfortable with the legal tactics, Caitlin reluctantly goes along with it.

However, in a shocking turn of events, Maggie’s testimony results in an emotional confession – she killed Joe. Pushed further, Maggie dramatically tells the jury about how she was sexually abused as a child and how Joe’s predatory behaviour had to be stopped.

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As the McLean’s anxiously await the jury’s verdict, the family know that, whatever the outcome, life will never be the same again.

Elsewhere, Ellie left heartbroken when AJ announces their relationship is over. Tortured by doubts, Jac sneaks into the police station to illegally access the files on her brother. The truth hurts, leaving Jac devastated.

Desperate to escape his fussing mother, Stevie turns to Sonny to help on his road to recovery.

Dylan grows increasingly distant towards Eve, leaving her hurt and confused. Little does she realise Cameron is emotionally manipulating his brother and has murderous intentions towards her.


  • Brian James Leys as Ash King
  • Charlene Boyd as Jac Dunn
  • Gayle Telfer Stevens as Caitlin McLean
  • Holly Jack as Nicole Brodie
  • Iain Robertson as Stevie O’Hara
  • Jennifer Black as Laura Haynes
  • Jennifer Hainey as Foreperson
  • Jimmy Chisholm as Sonny Caplan
  • Kathryn Howden as Maggie McLean
  • Kern Falconer as Judge Harman
  • Leah MacRae as Ellie McLean
  • Lesley Hart as Lou Caplan
  • Michael Wallace as Cameron Christie
  • Sally Howitt as Scarlett O’Hara
  • Sanjeev Kohli as Amandeep Jandhu
  • Sean Connor as Dylan Christie
  • Victoria Liddelle as Eve Christie
  • Wendy Seager as Olivia Darkel
  • Zindzi Hudson as Ruby McLean

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