In this special episode, Lenny reflects on his life after giving up his search for Lydia.

Accepting his obsession to find Lydia is futile, Lenny chases the other ghosts of his past, trying to right the wrongs he’s made throughout the years.

Reliving key moments, Lenny recalls the explosive showdowns with arch rivals including McCabe, Martina and, of course, Billy Kennedy.

From finding out Alex was his son to his part in the death of Zinnie, the traumatic kidnap of his beloved grandson Callum and his acts of revenge against anyone who wronged him, Lenny faces up to the fact his actions often have dangerous repercussions for those he loves.

Starring Frank Gallagher as Lenny Murdoch, this special episode features dramatic archive moments featuring Sandy Morton, Carmen Pieraccini, Jordan Young, Ann Louise Ross, Tam Dean Burn and more.

River City airs on BBC Scotland at 10pm