Caitlin fears she is pregnant, putting Ellie’s plans in jeopardy, while Gillian is disappointed when her children stand her up at her birthday lunch, so Mikey sets about saving the day with a surprise party. Bernie works out Suzie is lying about her love life.

This week in Shieldinch…Caitlin fears she’s pregnant, putting Ellie’s pregnancy in jeopardy; Mikey surprises a disappointed Gillian on her birthday; and Bernie susses out Suzie’s lies about her love life.

As an excited Ellie makes baby plans, Caitlin suspects she’s already pregnant. She confides in Ash who is stunned but delighted at the prospect of being a dad again.

Ash urges Caitlin to take a pregnancy test and the couple are stunned when it comes back negative. While Ash is crushed, the test result makes Caitlin face up to her doubts surrounding the surrogacy.

When Ellie returns from the baby fair laden with bargains, Caitlin plucks up the courage to reveal her true feelings – she can’t go through with the pregnancy. Stung, Ellie gives Caitlin an ultimatum which will change the McLean family forever.

Elsewhere, Gillian’s birthday gets Mikey thinking about his birth mother. The moment is broken when a disappointed Gillian returns home – her children stood her up at her birthday lunch. Mikey sets about saving the day, roping Lou into the celebrations. As the pair plan a surprise for Gillian, Mikey opens up about his own family’s past and what led to him being rejected by his adoptive parents.

Later, touched by Mikey’s kindness, Gillian urges her friend to think about searching for his birth mother – it’s never too late.

Suzie puts on a brave face when Duncan cancels their date at short notice. She weaves elaborate lies about their date to a suspicious Bernie who quickly susses out the truth.

Caitlin is played by Gayle Telfer Stevens, Ellie by Leah MacRae, Mikey by Darren Brownlie, Gillian by Gail Watson, Bernie by Barbara Rafferty, Suzie by Juliet Cadzow, Ash by Brian James Leys and Lou by Lesley Hart.

River City is a BBC Studios, Scotland production for BBC Scotland and BBC One Scotland.

River City airs at 10pm on BBC Scotland.