Doctors: S22E53 – Make You Feel My Love
Thursday 3 June 2021
BBC One: 13:45

  • Producer – David Lewis Richardson
  • Executive producer – Mike Hobson
  • Writer – Ray Brooking
  • Director – Merlyn Rice

Rob goes blank, Jimmi gets suspicious and Zara and Daniel aren’t sure what they’ve let themselves in for.

Emma finds herself caught up in Barry’s personal life.

Emma is surprised to find Barry sleeping in his security van but Barry makes his excuses.

Daniel suggests to Zara that they take part in Sid’s last labour. Zara is reluctant and Daniel calls out her selfishness.

Harriet catches Rob bawling out a PCSO in the canteen and threatens him with Occupational Health, so Rob opens up about his PTSD.

Sid explains Al is in charge of the treasure hunt which bothers Zara.

Harriet asks Rob to join her in Sid’s treasure hunt but Rob refuses.


  • Ashley Rice as Dr Sid Vere
  • Carley Stenson as Harriet Shelton
  • Chris Walker as Rob Hollins
  • David Perks as Barry Biglow
  • Dido Miles as Dr Emma Reid
  • Elisabeth Dermot Walsh as Dr Zara Carmichael
  • Ian Midlane as Dr Al Haskey
  • Jan Pearson as Karen Hollins
  • Matthew Chambers as Dr Daniel Granger
  • Ross McLaren as Luca McIntyre
  • Samantha Robinson as Becky Buckley
  • Sarah Moyle as Valerie Pitman

By Eastieoaks

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