Monday 21 June

  • Writer – Alan Flanagan
  • Director – Neil J Wilkinson

Concern grows for Cher when she threatens to remove her birthmark after receiving hateful comments online: can Sylver come to the rescue? The McQueens beg James for help. Shaq asks Verity for a big favour. Tony and Scott have had enough of Diane’s ‘lockdown’.

Tuesday 22 June

  • Writer – Jessy Keely
  • Director – Neil J Wilkinson

In emotional scenes, pregnant Diane’s waters break while Tony is out of the house, but she refuses to let him in and go to the hospital as her mental health worsens. Elsewhere, Mercedes receives some devastating news, and Sylver is furious with Cher for keeping him in the dark.

Wednesday 23 June

  • Writer – Heather Robson
  • Director – Neil J Wilkinson

In heart-breaking scenes, Tony realises that Diane is struggling with her mental health and tries to convince her to get help. Romeo is shocked to discover the lengths Cher has gone to because of the hateful comments she’s received online. A reckless Mercedes causes arguments. Toby receives some shocking news.

Thursday 24 June

  • Writer – Lyn Papadopoulos
  • Director – Neil J Wilkinson

There’s a frantic search when Diane and Tony’s newborn baby goes missing, and Mercedes is forced to explain herself. Toby debates whether to tell Cleo the truth. Celeste thinks about her future career.

Friday 25 June

  • Writer – Katrina Smith-Jackson
  • Director – Neil J Wilkinson

Tony tells Scott to keep his distance from the family. Romeo gives Cher an ultimatum. Toby and Cleo wonder what to do when a familiar face is spotted back in town. Celeste finds a new career path.