Hollyoaks spoilers: Scott to leave Hollyoaks after Tony and Diane’s baby is kidnapped?

Monday 21 June

Tony and Scott are getting agitated as Diane hasn’t allowed them to leave the house for weeks except for work. Scott decides he’s had enough and leaves. Later, Tony tells Scott he’s going out for a walk tomorrow.

Tuesday 22 June

Tony sneaks out for a walk, and as luck would have it, Diane’s water breaks whilst Tony is out. When Tony arrives home to take her to the hospital, she refuses to open the door. He breaks the door down, and its emotional when Tony pleads with her to go to the hospital, as she refuses to leave the house. Later, the couple welcome their new born baby, Eva.

Wednesday 23 June

Diane wants to leave the hospital immediately and tells Tony not to let anyone touch Eva. Later, Tony admits to Scott that Diane’s not doing well, and he’s not leaving the hospital until she gets help. Later, Diane worries when Tony leaves Eva alone with Scott. It’s emotional as Tony questions her on whether she’s struggling with her mental health.

Meanwhile, a drunken Mercedes has been reckless throughout the day, accusing Sylver of not being bothered, and shouting at Tony, accusing him of flaunting his new-born baby. When Cher arrives in hopes of making things right with Mercedes, she snaps at her, and tells her that she’s a self-serving cow and she only puts up with her because of Sylver.

Later, Cher steals baby Eva from her pram…

(Picture: Lime Pictures)

Thursday 24 June

The search is on for baby Eva as Tony is frantically searching the village, and Goldie overhears what’s happened. Meanwhile, Cher places Eva next to a sleeping Mercedes. DS Cohen is quickly on the case, as Tony snaps at Scott, who was looking after Eva.

Goldie finds Sylver and tells him that she has a feeling that Mercedes has something to do with it. Peri goes to find Cher to put some bandages on her scar, but instead, is shocked to find Mercedes with baby Eva. How will Mercedes explain this…

Meanwhile, Tony tells Diane that Eva was taken from her pram, as the new parents are heartbroken, and she blames Tony for taking her out. He promises her that she’s going to find her. Later, Diane tells Tony that she doesn’t want Scott to live with them anymore…

Friday 25 June

It’s emotional as Tony tells Scott that he needs to keep his distance, so Tony can keep the peace. Scott agrees to move out but worries that Tony is enabling Diane’s behaviour.

Hollyoaks: Monday – Friday, Ch4, 6:30pm/E4, 7pm

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